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  • Trolley designed for adventure parks:
  • Ergonomic captive carabiner allows the guide to quickly install the trolley on the cable with one hand
  • Two aligned sheaves provide excellent stability on the zipline
  • Because the carabiner can pivot, the trolley remains in position on the cable when it makes contact with the end brake of the zipline
  • Front and rear impact surfaces limit the risk of pinched fingers
  • Two positioning support grooves for the connectors limit abrasion from the cable
  • JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards are directly integrated in the carabiner, limiting the risk of separating or losing the trolley/lanyard unit
  • Easy to connect to the harness, thanks to the CARITRAC stowing accessory (included)
  • Excellent durability for easy maintenance and extended product life:
  • Single-row ball-bearings offer excellent durability
  • Carabiner with reinforced construction and hard anodization for greater resistance to damp and salty environments
  • Impact surfaces optimize contact between the trolley and the end brake of the zipline
  • Carabiner and impact surfaces are completely removable and available as replacement parts to extend the life of the trolley
  • Available individually or in packs of five


  • Cable diameter: 9 to 13 mm (may also be used on ropes)
  • Weight per unit: 425 g
  • Material(s): Aluminum frame and carabiner, stainless steel sheave, nylon
  • Certification(s): CE EN 17109, CE EN 12278, UKCA, UIAA
  • Maximum speed: 25 m/s

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